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Sandica Acrylic Paste Putty

Description Of Product:

SANDICA is designed acrylic based paste putty to prepare ultimate smooth & dense surface. Contains Rheological addictives & binders, solvents & Preservatives. This properties to resists anti sagging as well as sticks on all surfaces of paint finish.


SANDICA is useful for RCC beam & slab, Plaster wall, POP wall finish, Gypsum wall finish, White Wall finish, Neru Wall finish etc.


Any surface should be free from oil, grease & dust etc.

Application :

SANDICA acrylic paste putty needed only portable for as ration 25 Kg.- 1 liter water.This putty is applied by any person, With Knife edge or board spatula. Application be approximately 2 or 3 mm for best smooth & dense results.


25 Kg. SANDICA acrylic paste putty covers 125 to 150 Sq. Ft. with sand finish plaster & 250 to 300 Sq. Ft. covers on smooth and POP surface.


In bag preservation self life is 6 months.


SANDICA acrylic paste putty is packed in 25 Kg. only.

Technical Data
Color Super White
Base Acrylic Base
Toxic Non Toxic
Flash Point Non Flammable
Application Easy
Surface Smooth & Dense
Weight 25 Kgs.
Consumption Less Consumption of Paint
Touch Dry 15 Minutes