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Roof Guard

Description Of Product

This is an acrylic polymer elastomeric coating designed to provide outstanding water resistance coupled with crack bridging properties providing and excellent barrier water infiltration in addition to providing the long lasting protection of an acrylic polymer, can protect the substrate against u.v. radiation and damaging effec of water. the elestomeric properties will provide excellent stretchable monolithic uniform coating.


It is single component and no mess up of correct mixing, self priming, fast drying, environment friendly. it has an excellent resistance to water and can be tinted to a wide range of colours and custom made to the need. This coating is a resistant to solar heat gain on any surface. This can be applied on any surfaces and generates the dual effect.

  • Leak proof on any surfaces (horizontal, vertical or slanting)
  • Radiating the solar heat on the surface and keeps the surface cool
  • Easier to clean
  • Fills up hair line cracks permanently
  • Excellent anti fungal properties
Mode Of Application

Clean the surface thoroughly with water or if necessary with light alkaline solution.

First Coat

Add 1 Kg. of water with 1 Kg. of Roof Guard and slowly apply with brush on the surface. Wait for an 2-3 hours to dry up completely.

Second Coat

Add 0.5 Kg. of water with 1 Kg. of Roof Guard. Wait for an 2-3 hours to dry up completely.

Third Coat

Add 0.5 Kg. of water with 1 Kg. of Roof Guard. Wait for an 2-3 hours to dry up completely.


Can be applied on Asbestos, G.I. Sheets, Glass, China Chips, Cement Coba, Mesonary, Ashhalt, Cement Plaster and most previously painted surface such as coach tops, automotive flooring.


Application of Roof Guard 1 Kg. covers approximately 35 sqft. (depending upon the roughness of surface).
(Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness and porosity.)

Special Benefits:

1. Roof Guard is also used as an interior Exterior water primer in proportion : Roof Guard (1 Kg.) + Water (3 Kg.). It reduced the consumption of finish paint.
2. To reduce the dampness saltiness of wall, use Roof Guard in following proportion : Readymix (2 Kg.) + Water (0.200 Kg.) + Roof Guard (1 Kg.).

Note :
First clean the surface of the wall with clean water. Add water in Readymix and make cohesive paste then add Roof Guard in paste.