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Readymix Crack Fit

Readymix Crack Fit is an ready to mix use with quartz sand, cement & water proofing compound.
Readymix Crack Fit is an ready to use mixer of quartz sand, cement, additives & other material which gives best water proofing effects. With smooth & dense surface no to any binder for this material.


  • Portable water based
  • Consistent quality
  • Smooth plastered surface
  • 100% free from silt & salt
  • Minimum wastage
  • It resist fungus & dampness
  • Easy application

How To Use:

Readymix Crack Fit is in ready to use condition add only portable water to this mixture. Use water sa per our requirement mix for 10 minutes in water & then apply by spatula Knife edge.


Outside & inside crack filling, salt treatment. Leakage of terrace water tanks & under ground tanks. Fixing of door, window frames, tiles fixing, patch work plaster in critical areas. For mixing in moral plaster & water proofing treatment on terrace & wall.

Water Ratio & Coverage :

As per our requirement. (approximately 7 liter for 20 Kgs.) 1 Kg. of Readymix Crack Fit coverages 4 Sq. Ft. in 3 mm thickness as well as depend upon application & surface of application.